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10 tips to avoid mould

A healthy indoor climate can make life more difficult for mould. We have collected 10 tips on how you can avoid mold in your home.

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It is our strong culture that drives us

There is no doubt that CEJ is growing strongly during this period. Within the last year, we have welcomed many new colleagues. But for us, the most important thing is how we grow. Because it must be done on a secure foundation.

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How sustainable are you?

Screening: How sustainable are you?

CEJ’s unique Energy and Environment screening uncovers challenges and potentials on your property or properties – and focuses on where optimization can be done when it comes to energy and the environment, and the goals you have set.

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Young blood keeps us fresh and strong

At CEJ, we are constantly working to attract young, new forces. One thing is that our growth requires more employees, but at the same time we see a special task in appearing as the most attractive company for young people.

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Summer is coming – think sustainably 

Should you make room for biodiversity in your garden or balcony? Many plant and animal species are unfortunately endangered and showing a decline in numbers, but perhaps you can help do your part to reverse the trend.

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