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CEJ har branchens nok højeste kundetilfredshed

Among the biggest, but always the best

We are among the largest property management companies in the country. But our quality, stability and ability to create value is more important. We’d rather be measured on that.

CEJ has experienced continuous growth over the last several years. At the heart of these developments is the combination of what is probably the highest customer satisfaction with the most enduring and dedicated employee base in the industry. We currently manage around 1,600 properties for both private associations and investors, and cover all of Denmark from our offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Sustainability is about willingness to change

With CEJ as your property manager, it happens on safe grounds

In our Energy and Sustainability Department, you will find an experienced and committed team which is passionate about creating green solutions that are also profitable.

We help put your ambition into words, and with our sustainability screening we make it clear where the potential lies. Climate adaptation, digital energy management, operational optimization, sustainability certifications, ESG reporting, energy labels, solar cells – in fact, any green solution you can imagine – it is all a natural part of our everyday.

Sustainability screening

Talking about sustainability, the most important thing is to know what exactly we are talking about. Therefore, at CEJ, we have developed a model for a sustainability screening, which maps the property’s condition, opportunities, and potentials. Because in this way, we can best align concrete actions to your objectives in a controlled and safe process.

Energy management

In CEJ, we use digital energy management. It means that we can perform energy monitoring all the way down on an hourly basis via remotely read meters. The gains are many, from the basic annual statements to more advanced energy optimization solutions. And the digital approach allows us to react quickly if an accident happen. Like, for example, a water pipe bursts.

Climate reporting

For companies, foundations and everyone who works with ESG, CEJ assists with documentation and reporting. Via our digital energy management, we can prepare CO2 accounts for all types of consumption, e.g. heat, water, and electricity. In addition, we work targeted to increase reporting within new areas such as waste and transport.


DGNB is a certification of the sustainability of buildings. It is an international standard adapted to Danish conditions. The certification consists of 40 criteria divided into five areas. The aim is to make sustainability concrete and meaningful. CEJ is a certified DGNB consultant for new buildings, renovations, and buildings in operation.

Climate adaptation

With the increasing climate change, building owners should secure their properties in a timely manner. The solutions are many and can be combined with, for example, green areas, rainwater collection or renovation of backyards. At CEJ, we help develop a strategy that takes future challenges into account, and we ensure that it is put into action.

Energy label

The law requires all buildings to have an energy label that gives an overview of the expected energy consumption of the property. If you compare the energy label with the actual consumption, there is often a lot to be gained. With CEJ’s energy management agreement, we make any optimisation potentials visible. We continuously record operations and report the property’s consumption of electricity, water and heat. This is done through the operational log, which also contains comments and recommendations.

Indoor climate

Builders have become so adept at insulating, sealing and optimising building envelopes that there is a concomitant need for sufficient ventilation and air exchange. Conditions such as damp, mould, draughts, and CO2 and radon levels all play a role in determining comfort and well-being. At CEJ, there is a close connection between the health of occupants and the health of the property, because sometimes insulation can be too much of a good thing.

Partnership with a green conscience

CEJ has partnered with the Copenhagen Municipality and other industry actors to develop the energy-efficient buildings of the future. Energispring is the name of the partnership, and the goal is more energy savings from the buildings of Copenhagen. CEJ wants to actively contribute to ensuring that the entire municipality becomes carbon neutral by 2025.

  • In the past year, we have improved the energy labels for approx. 15,000 sqm. of residential buildings by 1-2 levels.

  • We have exchanged about 2,000 windows in the past year. This results in an annual carbon reduction of around 60 tons

“In light of current environmental trends, it is really important that we can get advice from CEJ on energy labelling etc.”

— Jan, Board member, A/B Bramsgaarden

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Responsibilities, values and policies

CEJ takes responsibility for our clients, employees, suppliers and the world around us. This mindset has been articulated through our values and policies.

At CEJ, we actively work with a number of values and policies. All employees are introduced to these values and policies so that they’re internalised and become second nature.

The policies help us set standards for how we manage and collaborate internally. They constitute both the expectations and framework for how we act ideally towards clients, suppliers, residents – and everyone else we meet in our day-to-day lives.




Property management and nothing else

Property management requires specialists. You get that with us.

We’ve had real estate in our blood ever since our founder, the visionary entrepreneur and barrister Carl Emil Jensen, initiated some of the most interesting building projects of the 1950s.

With his hard work came a natural need to manage the many properties. And thus CEJ was created. For C. E. Jensen knew that property management is an area that requires specialists.


Key events

  • CEJ was established in the 1950s by Carl Emil Jensen

  • At the time of Carl Emil Jensen’s passing in 1986, the C. E. Jensen Foundation was established, and property management became a business area of the foundation

  • In 2007, CEJ Property Management was spun off and established as an independent company

  • In 2011, CEJ Aarhus Ltd. was established as a subsidiary

  • The C. E. Jensen Foundation remains the sole proprietor of CEJ Property Management Ltd.


“We love diversity because it makes us strong. So, at CEJ you will find both young and experienced, newcomers and those who have chosen CEJ as a job for life. And our leadership is evenly distributed between genders.”

— Anne Marie Oksen, CEO, CEJ

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The Foundation

C. E. Jensen’s Foundation is a Danish foundation behind CEJ Property Management Ltd. with an equity of about DKK 300 million.

The foundation was established on November 3, 1981 by C. E. Jensen, a recognised entrepreneur in the real estate sector and the pioneer of many significant architectural projects, such as Industriens Hus, the Imperial building and Skodsborg Park.

C. E. Jensen’s Foundation is a commercial foundation covered by the Danish Business Foundation Act’s provisions on, among other things, good fund management. As a commercial foundation, C. E. Jensen’s foundation must explain how it meets the recommendations of the Committee for Good Fund Management. You can read the statements below.


C. E. Jensen’s Foundation owns all shares in its two subsidiaries – CEJ Ejendomsadministration Ltd. and CEJ Aarhus Ltd.

Below you can read the fund statue and see the foundation’s board overview.


The Board and the Management

Strong characters have driven CEJ since the beginning. A stable management and board have provided steady focus and direction for further development and growth.

CEJ’s belief in the value of strong characters is evident in both the board and the management – even today.

The Board of Directors

The Management

Anne Marie Oksen


Birgitte Bonde

Department Director, Copenhagen

John Krøger



Anni Frandsen

Department Director, Aarhus

Christian Overgaard

Technical Manager

Michael Brinch

IT Manager

Charlotte Rosenkilde

Head of Legal

Per Holm

Head of Associations


Charlotte Aalling

HR Manager

Jens H. Møller

Department Director

Annual reports

Annual reports are a good way to gain insight into the development of CEJ the recent years. Proving we are a stable partner.

CEJ has experienced continuous growth – and probably enjoys the lowest employee turnover rate in the industry. This has provided stability and a solid foundation for continued growth.

CEJ is highly consolidated and ready to capture further market shares.

Below, you can download and read our latest annual reports.

Annual reports










The business organization for owners, landlords and managers of real estate in Denmark. Danish Property Federation ensures that the industry’s views are heard in the ministries and at the parliament.

Energispring is a partnership between large building owners, managers, and interest groups in Copenhagen. The members work together to reduce energy consumption in the municipality’s buildings.

PropTech Denmark is a non-profit member organization that brings together and engages players with a common desire to promote innovation, technological development, and digital transformation in real estate.

Denmark’s largest employers’ and business organization, which looks after the political interests of over 18,000 small and large companies from virtually all branches of Danish business across the country. Including the real estate industry.

Non-profit member organization set up to disseminate sustainability in construction. Mainly through certification of both buildings and urban areas and education of consultants based on the DGNB standard.

Denmark’s largest employer and business organisation, representing the political interests of over 18,000 small and large businesses from virtually all branches of Danish business across the country, including the real estate industry.

"It is a basic requirement for an association like us that life with our property manager is simple and efficient. And that we feel that we can rely on the person who services us."

Board member, E/F Vestervænget

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properties raised from energy labels E and D to C

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properties in management throughout Denmark

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properties with energy reports

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“Quality means feeling confident that the answers you get are the right ones.”

Chairman of the Board, E/F Margrethehave

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