We are among the largest in Denmark

CEJ Property Management has experienced a steady growth in recent years.

We are now managing a portfolio of over 980 properties and cover all of Denmark from our offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus

We manage all property types

Our clients range from small properties and associations to the largest professional investors.

  • Investment properties
  • Cooperative Housing Associations
  • Owner Associations
  • Commercial Real Estate

Obviously, different clients have different needs and requirements, and therefore with us, you always meet employees who specialize in your segment and your property type.


We are specialists

We are more than 130 property specialists, distributed on administrators, inspectors, project managers, lawyers, economists and IT professionals. Our employees stay with us for many years. Because we respect and reward talented people, and because we want to set the standard in the sector for further training and qualification of our employees.

The law is part of CEJ Property Management’s DNA, and we conduct our business in accordance with principles such as integrity, precision, quality and value for customers.

CEJ Property Management is fully indemnity insured, and as a member of the Ejendomsforeningen Danmarks administrator section, we are committed to comply with the approved strict ethical standards of the industry.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Marie Oksen, CEO of CEJ Property Management A/S


CEJ Property Management’s Board

Our Board of Directors consists of Per W. Hallgren, President and Managing CEO of Jeudan A/S, Judy Jakobsen, lawyer and chairman of C. E. Jensen Foundation, Michael Christiansen, Master of Laws and former chairman of DR and Claus Okholm, Authorised Public accountant.


Responsibility and security

We have taken out insurance at Codan A / S and HDI Gerling for Professional Indemnity as well as against crime and online banking intrusion. We prepare an annual IT Statement (ISAE 3402 type 1 declaration), where an independent auditor verify and describe the CEJ Property Management’s internal controls and security related to IT operations. The statement can be handed out annually to you and your accountants.

As a member of EjendomDanmarks administrator section we are committed to comply with approved ethical rules of the industry. The rules provide, inter alia, strict conditions of separation of customers’ funds and commitment for continuing education of employees. View ED’s code of ethics here..



CEJ Property Management covers all of Denmark from our offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus.


CEJ Property Management has experienced a steady growth in recent years – and probably have the lowest staff turnover in the industry. With equity of more than 10 million DKK, CEJ Property Management appears very well consolidated.
View our most recent annual report here.