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Sustainability is a matter of willingness to change

CEJ ensures a safe and sound foundation.

In our Energy and Environment department you get an experienced and committed team. We will ask all the right questions to deliver the best solution for your specific situation, challenges, opportunities and desires. Always, of course, based on CEJ’s high standards and professionalism.


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Get an Energy and Environ­ment Screening right now

CEJ has developed a unique Energy and Environment screening, where we map the property’s condition and potential.

Our Energy and Environment screening is the best starting point for acting on your objectives in a controlled and safe process.

Green News

CEJ has entered into partnership with Copenhagen Municipality and other industry players to develop the energy-efficient buildings of tomorrow. The partnership is called Energispring, and the goal to achieve more energy savings in Copenhagen properties. CEJ wants to actively contribute in helping Copenhagen Municipality become CO2-neutral by 2025.

CEJ’s Energy and sustainability department helps turn your green ambitions into action. It’s all about the will to change and our experienced and committed team helps you follow through. Engineer, Anders Holm, is the day-to-day manager of this constantly growing department. Contact him on, if you want to join the team.

We get lots of inquiries about solar cells on roofs – a very popular topic. At CEJ, we are passionate about solutions where sustainability goes hand in hand with sound economics and great aesthetics. Bricks with built-in solar cells is a good example of such a solution.

"At CEJ, sustainability permeates the entire company. Achieving the objectives requires a united effort."

Key Account Manager, Commercial Properties, CEJ

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Confused by definition? You are not alone

UN’s Global Goals, CSRD, ESG, taxonomy. Sustainability has many names and definitions. We know how hard it can be to keep up with the ever changing concepts – not to mention try to integrate them in everyday life with a solid and future-proof plan.

At CEJ, we follow developments and legislation closely and share our knowledge to help you meet current as well as future requirements. We have the skills and commitment to help you realise your ambitions in every aspect of sustainability.

Energy-efficient operation
CEJ’s energy-efficient operation helps you avoid frequent and costly energy waste.

Sustainability screening
Analysis to identify property potentials and ensure a common baseline.

Construction programme
Defines rules, wishes, and requirements in connection with property renovation or change.

CEJ assists with certification regarding all applicable standards – DGNB, BREEAM, LEED, etc.

Risk management
We future-proof the property with risk assessment and reporting on all relevant aspects.

A directive obliging companies to report their sustainability efforts.

Nuanced data-driven reporting detailing a company’s enviromental, social and managerial responsibilities.

A set of EU criteria stipulating when an economic effort may be called sustainable.

Consumption key figures
For 20 years, we have systematically collected consumption key figures on all properties to detect deviation from the norm.

Climate report
At CEJ, we can prepare a climate report for a property or portfolio. This is also known as the climate footprint.

Biodiversity and green areas
CEJ takes sustainability into consideration in a property’s green areas, both in regard to plants and care.

Life cycle assessment (LCA)
A method to assess environmental impact and ressource consumption in a life cycle perspective.

Total economy and lifetime costs (LCC)
LCC focuses on the overall economy of the property throughout its lifetime. Not only during construction.

Recycling and waste
We don’t see waste as a waste. We regard waste a ressource for reuse or recycling.

Climate protection
We minimise damage and inconvenience caused by climate changes to protect both properties and their residents.

CEJ helps build a community between recidents as well as between owner and tenants. A well worth effort.

Health and well-being
At CEJ, we are experts on indoor climate and finding the perfect balance between too much and too little ventilation.

User satisfaction
We conduct surveys to catch issues before they become actual problems.

CEJ takes the lead on sustainable mobility and targeted  solutions for electric charging stations.

Energy monitoring
When we monitor a property’s energy consumption, we use CEJ’s consumption key figures. This allows to spot deviances from the norm. 

Energy consultancy
Theory and practice go hand in hand when we propose the most profitable solution for our clients.

Energy improvement
CEJ’s energy consultants and project department have the expertise to help with energy improvements of all sizes.

Energy labels
Every property must be energy-labelled to comply with current legislation. This also ensures that the property is properly priced.

Technical solutions
Technologically, CEJ keeps at the forefront – as long as it benefits our clients.

Hos CEJ finder du et hold af specialister inden for alle områder af ejendomsadministration.

Let's go green

Whether sustainability is a legal requirement or on your own accord, we can help you with the necessary green transition in a controlled and safe process. Both now and in the future.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. This is reflected in our recommendations, choice of suppliers and materials. We are passionate about creating solutions that are sustainable. Also from economic perspective.

"Thinking sustainably is more than just a technical solution. It's about people."

Project manager, Energy and Sustainability, CEJ

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Healthy indoor climate

At CEJ, we see a direct connection between the health of a property and its residents. And you can actually get too much insulation.

As we improve our skill for insulating, sealing and optimising climate screens, new needs for sufficient airing and ventilation arise. CO2, moisture, mould, radon and draft highly affect resident comfort and well-being.

Green partnerships

Non-profit member organization set up to disseminate sustainability in construction. Mainly through certification of both buildings and urban areas and education of consultants based on the DGNB standard.

Energispring is a partnership between large building owners, managers, and interest groups in Copenhagen. The members work together to reduce energy consumption in the municipality’s buildings.

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