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Private associations / Landowners associations

Administration, drift og sekretariat. CEJ dækker det hele.

A team specialised in landowners associations

With all management services in-house, we quickly find the model that provides the most value for your landowners association. Management, operations and bookkeeping. We cover it all.

CEJ is a pioneer in the management of large landowners associations in the new districts of Copenhagen and Aarhus. Our specialised knowledge sets us apart, and our focus is on potential and value creation. Professional handling of topics like development of common areas, operational optimisation, sustainable solutions and efficient contact with authorities contributes positively to urban development.

See opportunities and anticipate problems

With a strong foundation in the law, you can always enjoy peace of mind. CEJ is proactive when something can improved, and we make sure your day-to-day life is free of demanding disputes. 

A lot can be achieved with well-developed agreements and rules. But much more is possible when CEJ is involved.

We gladly assess all service contracts and ensure that you can work from a safe and secure basis, e.g. regarding policies, rules, disputes or development projects.

We make things happen, so you can have a healthy association and an optimised environment. That’s how we create the most value for you.

Financial perspective. Without surprises

We try to make the finances of the landowners association as transparent and easy to follow as possible.

We keep a close eye on the alignment between budget and reality. You don’t need to be an expert in economics. We make sure that there is full transparency, so you have an overview of your expenses. And you can always see a recent budget follow-up via our online portal.

CEJ has about 30 controllers available whenever you need them.

Your sustainable property manager

CEJ is the partner that makes things happen when it comes to e.g. green common areas, rain water collection and waste solutions.

In our Energy and Sustainability Department, you will find an experienced and committed team that both asks the right questions and provides the right solutions which add most value to your situation and opportunities – and the demands you are facing. Always based on CEJ’s professionalism and high standards.

It pays off to be green

Sustainability is an integrated part of our business. You see it in our recommendations and choice of suppliers. We are passionate about creating solutions that are sustainable, both in a green, social, and economic perspective. Because we know they should always go hand in hand in a landowners association.

Med et dedikeret team har CEJ gjort det nemt at skifte administrator

Switching is easy!

For some, changing property management company can seem overwhelming. We’ve made it easy with a dedicated team that never lets go of the controls during handover.

Choosing and switching to the right property management company should be simple. At CEJ, we have extensive experience with starting new collaborations. Our specialised team ensures that you, as a new client, get on board safely and securely.


private associations and cooperatives across Denmark

Andelsboligforeninger-1 CEJ

landowners associations and guilds in management

Job i CEJ-1

6 years

employee tenure, on average

Erhvervsejendomme-2 CEJ

"We have been working with CEJ Ejendomsadministration for the past 10 years, and it has been a great cooperation."

Board member, E/F Margrethehave

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"We contribute to a sustainable future for the city as a whole."

Head of Technical Department

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