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Serving on the board of a owners association should be easy

At CEJ, you’ll have a dedicated property manager who doesn’t shy away from taking responsibility and committing to tasks wholeheartedly. That’s how we create the most value for your owners association.

CEJ has solid experience in managing owners associations and knows how to counsel an association like yours. And we always cater to your unique needs during collaborations. Your regular property manager can draw on the expertise of colleagues, e.g. regarding maintenance plans, energy improvements, reporting, legislation and green solutions.

"We wanted more and needed an administrator, who would play along with our ambitions. "

Chairman of the board, E/F Vestervænget

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We take good care of your property

With CEJ as your property manager, you can be 100% sure that your property’s operations are continuously monitored and optimised.

Our fixed operation agreement protects you from unpleasant surprises. We provide an experienced property manager who quickly gets to know the property well.

The property manager ensures that everything is running smoothly in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

Improvements are initiated in consultation with the board, and we make sure to update the maintenance plan so you can budget for expenses well in advance.


The key to a healthy association

With a comprehensive maintenance plan, you’ll always be a step ahead of your property’s upcoming needs, and aware of which tasks should be performed when.

Property maintenance can be a large item in the budget. Thus tasks must be planned and prioritised well in advance to ensure sufficient funds are available for the projects.

CEJ’s technicians review the property from basement to attic and create a prioritised maintenance plan with a 10-year maintenance budget. This gives you peace of mind – even when it comes to improvement loans. 


Our consumptions overview is your security

CEJ monitors the consumption for all the properties we manage, so we can inform the board if your figures differ from the average.

You probably know the ins and outs of your own association. We work with many associations – presumably of the same type as yours – and this provides a unique basis for comparison.

We collect data from different types of properties for an annual comparison of our operating ratios using parameters such as cleaning, maintenance, subscriptions, and water and heat consumption.

This provides insight and peace of mind.


“Quality means feeling confident that the answers you get are the right ones.”

— Birthe, Chairman of the Board, E/F Margrethehave

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Safe and timely renovation

At CEJ, we are familiar with associations and know when it is profitable e.g. to replace the heating system or windows, or renovate the facade. This creates value and comfort.

CEJ can guide you through the process of larger projects such as roof replacements, replacement of soil pipes or balcony installations. All the way from the initial considerations, to obtaining tenders, approvals and proposals from shareholders’ meetings, to subsequent construction management and supervision.

We also carefully investigate the financing of projects, so you have peace of mind at every stage. And we assist in bringing proposals onto the agenda of the shareholders’ meeting and notifying residents. 


  • In the past year alone, CEJ has performed around 150 modernisations

  • During the same period, we have helped replace around 2,000 windows


“We’ve just voted for a major renovation project, and we need a property manager who can talk to residents and who understands both law and finances”

— Martin, Chairman of the Board, E/F Vestervænget

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See opportunities and anticipate problems

With a strong foundation in the law, you can always enjoy peace of mind. CEJ is proactive when something can improved, and we make sure your day-to-day life is free of demanding disputes. 

A lot can be achieved with modern and well-developed statutes and good house rules. But much more is possible when CEJ is involved.

We’ll gladly assess your service contracts and ensure that your board can operate from a safe and secure basis – e.g. concerning disputes or construction projects.


Bring the statutes up to date

Has it been a long time since the association’s statutes have been updated? Is the language outdated, or are there many amendments?

CEJ has many years of experience in modernising statutes, and it pays to ensure that they are unambiguous and compliant with current regulations – before disputes arise.

Financial perspective. Without surprises

Supporting your dedicated property manager is CEJ’s finance function, ensuring that all accounting matters are in order.

Serving on the board is a great responsibility, so we try to make the association’s finances as transparent and easy to understand as possible.

We keep a close eye on the alignment between budget and reality. You don’t need to be an expert in economics. We make sure that there is full transparency, so you have an overview of your expenses. And you can always see a recent budget follow-up via our online portal.

CEJ has about 30 controllers available whenever you need them.



My CEJ is our online portal and BeboerNet, where you can access your property’s information 24/7.


A green property is worth its weight in gold

Sustainability is a matter of willingness to change. With CEJ, it happens on safe grounds.

In our Energy and Sustainability Department, you will find an experienced and committed team that both asks the right questions and provides the right solutions which match the association’s specific situation, opportunities and wishes. Always based on CEJ’s professionalism and high standards.

It pays off to be green

Sustainability is an integrated part of our business. You see it in our recommendations, choice of suppliers and materials. We are passionate about creating solutions that are sustainable, both in a green and economic perspective. Because we know that the two should always go hand in hand.

Med et dedikeret team har CEJ gjort det nemt at skifte administrator

Switching is easy!

For some, changing property management company can seem overwhelming. We’ve made it easy with a dedicated team that never lets go of the controls during handover.

Choosing and switching to the right property management company should be simple. At CEJ, we have extensive experience with starting new collaborations. Our specialised team ensures that you, as a new client, get on board safely and securely.


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we started managing owners associations

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is the span of units in our owners associations

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"The needs we see trending are for electric charging stations, solar cells and intelligent waste solutions."

Head of Energy and Sustainability

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What our association customers say:

”CEJ is a reliable partner, offering a range of different services, all gathered in one place.”

Chairman of association – CEJ Customer satisfaction analysis, 2024

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are comfortable with CEJ as a property manager

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think that their administrator engages in all tasks actively

We regularly perform comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys among our customers.


"We have been working with CEJ Ejendomsadministration for the past 10 years, and it has been a great cooperation."

Board member, E/F Margrethehave

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