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A value-creating partnership

At CEJ, we dedicate ourselves to creating value for our clients, and we know that quality and stability make the difference. Both when it comes to performance and collaboration.

We’re large enough to make a difference, but small enough to be personally engaged. You’ll experience this firsthand when working with your dedicated team from CEJ that ensures easy access to any specialists who may be needed. We take pride in working based on your needs, naturally adapting to create the most value. That’s what it’s all about – and that’s what makes us worth every penny.

What can we do for you?

Whether you own residential or commercial properties, CEJ has the specialists who can add value to your property portfolio.


With more than 50 years of solid experience in property management, CEJ are experts who ensure that the association is always well run.


As an employee of CEJ, you will experience how work can become more than just work. It’s about having a good time together.


"It’s always about the relationship you have with your contact person. And we definitely have an incredibly good relationship with our property manager."

Chairman of the Board, E/F Vestervænget

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Our values


Commitment – why we are so passionate


Individuality – we are flexible problem solvers


Professionalism – to ensure our competence and professionalism


CEJ manages 1,500 properties all over Denmark


private rental properties


housing cooperatives and owners associations

“More than 150 employees contribute to CEJ's special culture and ensure every day that we are leaders in both employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and quality.”

Anne Marie Oksen

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Oliver Bo Andersen

Making career in the real estate industry

As a growing percentage of the Danish workforce retires by 2030, it becomes increasingly important to attract skilled employees to the real estate industry. Danish Property Federation has launched a major recruitment campaign to highlight the educational and career opportunities offered by the industry. As

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A new expression

From today, CEJ’s website looks very different. We have chosen to give the website the big overhaul, to make it clear what we stand for and what you as a current and future customer can expect in a collaboration with CEJ. Culture in focus Where

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Need to send an invoice?

CEJ uses electronic invoicing. Read more here, if you would like send an invoice to us or one of the properties, we manage.

Looking for housing?

CEJ can help match you with vacant rental properties.

Opening hours Christmas and New Year

We are closed on Thursday 23 December. For acute injuries, see more under contact.

Our phones are open from 10-12 on 27-30 December – both days inclusive.

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