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HOFOR lowers the temperature. It is worth paying attention to


It should be noted that HOFOR, as part of the green transition, plans to gradually lower the temperature in the district heating network over the next 10 years, so that in 2033 it will be 65 °C on normal days and 75 °C on the coldest days.

Most properties already have a heating system, which will be able to function well at the lower district heating temperatures, possibly with minor adjustments to the heating system. This applies in particular to heating systems built after 1995 and buildings which have improved/insulated the building’s climate screen, as well as properties which have radiators with large or multi-layered heating surfaces.

Other properties may need to rebuild their heating system to some extent before 2033. This may entail costs for the property, and we therefore recommend that you prepare well in advance and make sure that any costs for adaptations are budgeted for the property’s heating system.

If you want to know more about how HOFOR’s lowering of the temperature may affect your property, contact CEJ.

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