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Water pipes based on the latest technology offer numerous advantages


At CEJ, we are always ready to help our customers with renovation projects. Among other things, we have helped A/B Borthigsgaard with a major renovation project, where the association has replaced old water pipes with new water pipes, based on the latest technology. This has provided a wide range of benefits for the association.

Originally, all water pipes were inside the apartments, but have now been moved out onto the back stairs. The visible pipes make inspection much easier, and now it is possible to shut off the water to one apartment at a time. In addition, all apartments have had water meters installed, so that the residents of Borthisgaard in future only pay for the water they use themselves.

The piping, where hot water and circulation line are combined in one pipe, is also a completely new development. This means fewer pipes, less work, better price – and most importantly: significantly reduced heat loss with less energy consumption as a result. Typically, a saving on hot water consumption of 20-25%.

The project was carried out in collaboration between A/B Borthigsgaard, Carlsen og Kragh ApS and CEJ Property Administration, and everything has worked to everyone’s satisfaction, within the agreed time frame and budget. CEJ and the contractor have held weekly construction meetings, and CEJ has been in close dialogue with all the residents if they have had any questions about the work in the individual apartment.

Before the work was started, screenings were carried out for environmentally harmful substances to ensure that the residents or the craftsmen would not come into contact with environmentally harmful substances, including asbestos.

The plumbing work has been carried out with great proactivity, and with a good dialogue with the residents, where any problems or challenges were addressed in advance. And by giving the residents a great deal of freedom to choose between different ways of running the pipes, everyone has been able to put their own stamp on the solution.

If you want to know more about the project, you can contact Head of Energy and Environment at CEJ, Anders Holm at

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