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Anne Marie Oksen – conference leader at the annual administrator conference


Anne Marie Oksen, CEO of CEJ Property Administration, has been involved since the conference’s infancy 20 years ago, and managed a successful anniversary conference this year. A year in which the number of participants was a record high, and the program more saturated than ever before – with many important topics, such as ethical norms.

“It’s about professionalism, networking and knowledge sharing – something that is required in these years, when the demands on the industry and the role we have to play are becoming increasingly greater”, says Anne Marie and continues;
“At the same time, it was good to experience a great openness and trust between the participants, and not least to note that we really have a forum where the industry can meet and exchange ideas and observations”.

Anne Marie wants the conference to continue to develop, and has the following ambition: “The conference is, and must continue to be, a forum for a strong and independent industry in development, which has an incredibly high level of professionalism to contribute, as well as a great influence on society”.

The administrator’s conference is held every year in September.

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