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New Head of Operations in CEJ


On 14 August, Kenneth Ralbring started as the new Head of Operations at CEJ.

Kenneth has a craftsman background and is trained as an economist. He has gained experience in management, construction and purchasing. Among other things, he has been involved in the closure of the old Grønttorv in Valby and the start-up of the new Grønttorv in Taastrup, and has also worked at Topsoe and most recently at NewSec.
“I have a backpack full of experience and knowledge, which I really want to share. I’ve learned that you have to do what you say, and you only have to create expectations that can be fulfilled”, says Kenneth.
With his new title as Head of Operations , he looks forward to making his mark:

“My driving force is to create a sharper structure so that the Operations Department becomes a more integrated part of CEJ. We have to use each other crosswise and play well together. And of course I am looking forward to contributing to CEJ’s strong culture”, concludes Kenneth.

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