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How sustainable are you?

Screening: How sustainable are you?


At CEJ, we help our customers live out their green ambitions on a daily basis. Our specialized Energy and Environment department is involved when sustainable and energy-efficient measures need to be discussed, and it quickly pays off in savings and value increases.

Take a “mini” Energy and Environment screening – it only takes 5 minutes!

CEJ’s unique Energy and Environment screening uncovers challenges and potentials on your property or properties – and focuses on where optimization can be done when it comes to energy and the environment, and the goals you have set.

The Energy and Environment screening is CEJ’s tool, which can be used as a basis for action plans and priorities when it applies to the entire Energy and Environment spectrum (ESG). It obviously requires a greater effort to prepare such a screening, but to give you a taste, you can try our mini-screening, which is now live on our website.

It is of course only a superficial exercise, but perhaps it can still provoke some thoughts? 🌳🌎🏡

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