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Young blood keeps us fresh and strong


At CEJ, we are constantly working to attract young, new forces. One thing is that our growth requires more employees, but at the same time we see a special task in appearing as the most attractive company for young people. Because only by opening up to innovation and new perspectives can we continue to develop and continue to be a leader in the industry when it comes to quality.

We want to be recognized for offering the best career opportunities in the industry. It starts with our special CEJ culture, where everyone helps each other and ensures that new talents get off to a good start. After that, it is about supporting the individual’s personal and professional development. So going to work will be varied, exciting and challenging. Perhaps that is why CEJ has one of the industry’s highest employee seniority of over 6 years!

During the last year, we have welcomed 31 employees under 30. They are already fully integrated in CEJ and developing both themselves and us to be able to set new standards for value-creating property management.

Thanks to our young talents! 💪🏻

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