C.E Jensen Foundation

The Fund was established November 3rd, 1981 by barrister C. E. Jensen, who was known as a talented and successful businessman with a great sense of making the best real estate investments.

The barrister was also a pioneer in several significant construction projects. Examples include House of Industry, The Imperial Building, Sheraton Hotel and Skodsborgparken.

About the Foundation

The C.E. Jensen Foundation is a commercial foundation governed by the Industrial Fund Act regulations including the good fund leadership. As a commercial foundation, C.E Jensen’s fund must account for how it meets the recommendations of the Committee for Good Foundation leadership.

C.E. Jensen Foundation owns all the shares of its two subsidiaries, CEJ Property Management A/S and CEJ Aarhus A/S. Both companies are dealing with property management.

According to its charter, the revenues of the fund must go to support the people who personally have been very close to barrister C.E. Jensen. Just as the fund should concern former employees.