Values and policies of CEJ Property Management

In CEJ Property Management we have a number of principles in common. They help us to navigate among each other and with customers, partners, tenants and others who have interest in us and our business. The principles we express in three values which are the foundation of the way we think and behave in. Committed, responsible and professional.

Anne Marie Oksen

CEO of CEJ Property Management

Our values


At CEJ Property Management we are personally very committed to our work and our customers. Hence we extend our service far to accommodate our customers and their challenges. Our commitment and positive spirit rubs off on our surroundings and on each other. It should be fun to go to work at CEJ.



At CEJ Property Management it is easy to be a customer. We are easy to get hold of and are always based on each client’s specific needs. We are easy to talk with and meet customers at eye level every time.



At CEJ Property Management we are experts in all areas of property management. Our goal is to create value for all our customers. We are efficient; detail oriented and honours our agreements. Each day, we want to be the best on the market measured by our quality and our service.


Our policies

Naturally, our values also govern our various policies.

In our CSR policy, you can read how we handle our responsibility for each other, society and the environment. Read more here

Our procurement policy governs our relationship with our partners and suppliers and sets out our requirements and wishes for a fruitful, trusting and responsible cooperation. Read more here

Our language policy governs our communication with customers and with each other. We speak and write simple, understandable and at eye level with customers and colleagues. We have also appointed special “language ambassadors” at CEJ Property Management  who daily helps us to comply with the rules internally and externally.

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