Our history

We have had properties in the blood ever since our founder, the visionary entrepreneur and barrister, Carl Emil Jensen, took the initiative to some of the 1950s most outstanding buildings. The Imperial building by Vesterport Station in Copenhagen and the Sheraton hotel (now Scandic) at the lakes in Copenhagen are some examples, and later followed a number of other properties in Denmark.

With the barrister’s initiative followed a natural need to manage the many properties. And thus we were born. Because C.E Jensen knew that property management was an area for specialists. Much has changed since the 1950s, but not this. Today, we are still highly specialized in optimizing the administration and operation of our clients’ properties.

With the death of Carl Emil Jensen, the C.E Jensen Foundation was established in 1986 and the property administration became a business in the Fund. In 2007 CEJ Property Management  A / S was separated and established as an independent company. The Fund is still the sole owner of CEJ Property Management .

CEJ Property Management covers all of Denmark from our offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Barrister Carl Emil Jensen, founder of CEJ Property Management