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At CEJ Property Management, you cooperate with the industry’s most experienced professionals. You get access to the latest technology and our unique reporting system, which gives you a complete overview at a glance.

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First we thoroughly familiarize ourselves with your needs. Then we match you with the right multidisciplinary team of administrators, economists and operating staff, so nothing is left to chance.

We create customized solutions for investment property, owners’ associations, cooperative housing associations and commercial properties.

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Property Management

With us, you always get a management solution that is tailored to you and your property portfolio. Our continuous quality assurance means that you save time and resources in the Annual Audit.

  • Administration and finance
  • Permanent administrator and substitute
  • Efficiency both on and offline
  • Moving inspection
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Administration and finance
We have no standard solutions at CEJ Property Management. Our work is always based on your wishes and requirements and the specific conditions that apply in your real estate portfolio; also the minor differences. We have an eye for every detail of the task and continually adjust the effort, so the property administration functions optimally. Small adjustments can result in significant long term savings. And we are always looking for improvements to your operating budget.

Naturally, we provide all the basic services such as:

  • The collection and regulation of rent, notice of rent increases and dunning
  • Control and payment of invoices and overheads
  • Payment of salaries to employees
  • Bookkeeping and polls
  • Preparing for the compilation of financial statements
  • Organization of board meetings and general assemblies
  • Budgets and budget controls and proposals for valuation
  • Water, electricity, heat and operating accounts
  • Leases / rental contracts
  • Continuous surveillance of the building and maintenance planning
  • Dialogue with and servicing of tenants
  • Check-in and move-out inspection and vacating statements


Permanent administrator and substitute
Your permanent administrator will know everything about your estate and has extensive experience in all management tasks. You also get a permanent substitute to ensure the quality, in case your administrator is sick or on vacation.


Efficiency both on and offline
CEJ Property Management is never more than a phone call away, or a login for online access. As a client you can follow the administration of your property 24 hours a day, on your digital device. You can for instance see budgets and economies and find all relevant documents on tenants, arrears, payments, letters and mails. So you have a complete overview, exactly when you want it.

Obviously, online access will never replace your personal contact with your administrator. But it is good to have as a supplement.

Call your administrator and schedule a demonstration of your new electronic overview.


Moving inspection
When the tenant moves to or from your property, we offer to perform an inspection. A move-in inspection ensures that the landlord and tenant agree on the condition of the apartment before the tenant moves in.

The move-out inspection determines if the apartment being handed as agreed in the contract. You are well protected legally by allowing CEJ Property Management to register the condition of the apartment at the start and termination of the lease. You avoid unpleasant discussions with a tenant about responsibility and prices, if the lease is breached or not maintained acc. to tenancy agreement during the rental period.


Financial Reporting

Financial reporting, budgets, forecasts and the account plan, we carefully adapt to the wishes and needs you have as a customer. You get the correct number of reports on an annual basis and always on time.

  • Balances and budget reporting
  • Annual Accounts Documentation for accountant
  • Salary and VAT
  • Assistance on financing and conversion of loans
  • Always complies with deadlines on reporting
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Financial reporting
You always have the proper view of the economy, whether you represent a Danish or a foreign investor, have your own real estate portfolio or represents an association. You get a precise, clear and detailed reporting that suits your property and ownership structure.

We use the right team of experienced economists for each task and are highly attentive to accuracy, quality, flexibility, and not least in providing the documents in the right form and at the agreed time.

We have many years of experience with administration of foreign and domestic companies, for which we always meet the agreed reporting deadlines.

Naturally, our reporting complies with all legal requirements, and we have extensive experience of reporting to AIFM registered customers and to the FSA (Financial Supervision Authority). We can, for example, help you with:

  • Balances and budget reporting
  • Result and balance budgets and forecasts
  • Liquidity budgets and forecasts
  • Annual accounts documentation for accountant
  • Salary and VAT
  • Assistance on financing and conversion of loans at banks and mortgage companies
  • Reporting to the Financial Supervisory Authority (AIFM)
  • Reporting of the property’s operating ratios with benchmarking against the CEJ portfolio

At CEJ Property Management , we not only take good care of your property on a daily basis. We also improve the technical solutions, monitor the energy consumption and reduce the operating costs, whenever possible.

  • Operation supervision
  • Operating ratios
  • Operating meetings with owner, boards and caretakers
  • Energy monitoring – electricity, water, heating and cooling every month
  • Maintenance plans and budgets, which are updated yearly
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Operating Supervision
Your property inspector at CEJ Property Management is your main collaborator on the operation of your property. The inspector has a solid professional background in construction engineering and years of experience in optimizing the operation of the properties. Among other things, based on the yearly operating ratios which CEJ Property Management has developed. The property inspector takes care of both the minor everyday problems and major technical solutions. You get prompt assistance with sudden problems, in order to avoid costly consequential damage, and you get a partner who is working to increase the property value and keep costs down.

Read more about our inspector agreement here.


Operating ratios
CEJ Property Management develops operational ratios of all the properties we have under management, divided according to age and type.  Your property’s operating ratios will annually be benchmarked against comparable properties in our portfolio of 13 different operating parameters; for example subscriptions, cleaning and regular maintenance. Therefore, we can immediately assess how to improve the operating of your property, once you become a customer of ours.


Energy monitoring
Electricity, water and heat take up a lot on the property budget. Therefore, CEJ Property Management offers energy monitoring of your property. So the consumption never gets out of hand. We monitor the consumption of electricity, water, heating and cooling every month in our web-based management program. The board and operational staff can continuously follow the development of consumption on their digital devices. Therefore, we catch operational problems and overconsumption before it gets expensive.

We recommend that you use us for both operational monitoring and energy monitoring. When our property inspector and our energy management employee collaborate, we can respond even faster to any problems with the energy.

Read more about our energy monitoring here.


Maintenance plans and budgets
Maintenance costs a lot of money. Therefore, it is important to set aside money for the ongoing maintenance and possible improvements of your property. In addition, banks and mortgage companies often require a maintenance plan before they approve a loan for a property. Therefore it makes sense to have a thorough maintenance plan at hand.

10-year maintenance plans are also a legal requirement for many rental properties. CEJ Property Management has a thorough knowledge of the law and ensure that the rules are respected.

The technical department at CEJ Property Management has extensive experience with examination of properties and at preparing budgets for the major maintenance work of the coming year. If you already have a maintenance plan, we can update it and help you apply it in practice.

Read more about our work with maintenance plans and budgets here.

Construction Projects

CEJ Property Management is your competent technical adviser when your property needs to be maintained or improved. We provide advice on the solution and will gladly provide alternative suggestions for optimizing operations, introducing "green initiatives" etc., thus the process is optimized from the start.
We also find the right craftsmen and supervice the work from start to finish. You reach your goals on time and get high quality work carried out.

  • Construction management, supervision and renovation
  • Client consultancy
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Construction management, supervision and renovation
The technical department at CEJ Property Management has extensive experience in supervise properties and manage building and renovation work on the properties we manage. In the technical department, all employees have an AP (Academy Professional) degree in construction technology. So we can control the craftsmen on your behalf and get the best possible result.

Examples of specific renovations are:

  • Main stairs
  • Windows and facades
  • Drainpipes and piping
  • Sewer renovation
  • Heating systems and installations
  • Replacement of roof and windows, etc.
  • Conversion of heating systems, steam / district heating / gas
  • Furnishing of commercial leases
  • General modernization of residences


Client consultancy
When you want to renovate or improve your property, you need CEJ Property Management’s technical department as an adviser. We may from start of the project make your visions tangible and put figures and time on the task so that it can be safely implemented. We contribute with great ideas and challenge the solutions, so you use fewer resources while obtaining the best possible result.

Examples of our client consultancy are:

  • Idea development of major modification projects
  • Fitting of balconies
  • Development of penthouses
  • Development and management of the procurement of engineering and architectural assistance
Legal Assistance

Property Management and law are closely linked. Our experienced experts will advise you daily in all relevant subjects in property law.

  • Consultancy services within the residential and business lease
  • Preparation and control of residential and commercial leases
  • Preparation and control of employment contracts for property administrators
  • Chairmanships, general assemblies
  • Other association law issues
  • Housing and rent committee case management
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Statutes, Rent Act, disputes, contracts with suppliers. We advise on it all and more when you are a customer of ours. At CEJ Property Management you will meet some of Denmark’s most experienced lawyers in the field. We follow the developments closely and are always updated on the latest rules and clauses in the field.

At CEJ Property Management you get specialized knowledge and legal advice to protect your interests and your property value.

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