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Electricity consumption

Through measurement and comparisons over time, we optimize electricity consumption and reduce where possible, through e.g., product selection, management, and monitoring of consumption.

Heat consumption

We measure and monitor our heat consumption and reduce it where possible, through e.g., insulation, new windows, CTS-controlled installations, and energy monitoring.

Water consumption

We measure our water consumption and continuously work on reduction, for example through the recycling of rainwater.


We use the latest technological solutions in connection with renewable energy sources, e.g., solar cells and heat pumps.


We collect data on waste and optimize it in relation to minimization, waste sorting, reuse, and recycling.


We have optimized concerning future threats when it comes to climate change, e.g., cloudbursts, floods, storms, etc.


We have concrete plans for maintaining ecosystems and biodiversity so that we ensure a healthy animal life in the future, for example, wild nature and green roofs.


We prioritize the social element, so there is room for informal get-togethers - for example in the form of shared facilities.

Reconstruction and maintenance

Our remodeling and maintenance work is based on renovation instead of demolition and new construction.

Work environment

We are sure that types of environmentally harmful substances, such as asbestos and heavy metals, do not appear in some places.

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