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Stability is key to creating value for commercial properties

CEJ’s experts quickly become part of your team. Like an extra set of hands, we create value for commercial properties through sustainable solutions, optimised profitability, and satisfied tenants.

At CEJ, your dedicated, responsible points of contact are the account manager and the commercial property manager, who call upon our various specialists when needed. They efficiently adapt to your unique situation and ensure that all services are available – in time. With probably the longest employee tenure in the business, we are proud to add stability, efficiency, and value to the collaboration.

Healthy operations create value

With CEJ as your property manager, you can be sure that your properties are always well-managed.

A well-maintained property ensures satisfied tenants. We recommend a operation agreement, so you are sure that the property is maintained according to the highest standards.

This way, we proactively detect if there are issues that need to be addressed. You will have a dedicated property manager who makes sure that everything about the property is as it should be. It’s reassuring to know that both urgent cases and long-term commitments are being handled.


When it’s good to be like the others

CEJ monitors the consumption for all the properties we manage, so we can act if figures for any properties look inappropriate.

We have developed a tool that collects and benchmarks data from all the properties we administer. This way, we can easily see if the figures differ significantly from similar properties with the same profile and age. We compare parameters such as subscriptions, cleanliness, maintenance, and water and heating consumption. So, we can act quickly and proactively if there are any deviations.


Avoid unpleasant surprises

A maintenance plan is the best tool for getting ahead of what needs to be done when in order to create the most value.

Regardless of whether a property is old or newly built, it needs to be maintained. With an updated maintenance plan, you will know which tasks should be addressed first, and which can be postponed for several years. And it will be easier for you to anticipate and budget for expenditures while simultaneously creating value – without any unpleasant surprises.

Value-creating renovations

We give advice on all types of construction projects. From initial decisions, approvals and tendering to supervising craftsmen, etc.

CEJ’s technical department is staffed by a team of competent professionals trained in construction technology. You will always have an engineer, architect or building constructor just a phone call away.

We manage all kinds of construction and renovation projects and consistently challenge conventional solutions to get the best results while minimising your own use of resources. 


  • In the last year alone, CEJ has performed around 150 modernisations.

  • In the same period, we have helped replace around 2,000 windows.

Reporting is 100% on your terms

Thorough and timely financial reporting is crucial. We adapt to your requirements and make things happen.

At CEJ, we are committed to our clients’ success. And we have become experts in customising the financial reporting to your requirements and systems.

You’ll have on your team a dedicated account manager and a controller who do not shy away from taking responsibility and committing to tasks wholeheartedly.

We ensure that all deadlines are met and we comply with both Danish and international accounting standards.


  • Our controllers have an average seniority of over six years.

  • We have 30 dedicated employees in the accounting departments in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

We know both the law and the properties inside and out

CEJ is always involved and up to date regarding new legislation. We have deep knowledge of the properties and offer you the best advice from day one.

The law is the foundation of CEJ. So, when it really matters, we can step in with timely knowledge of an ever-changing and complex field.

We know your interests and work to avoid costly disputes, e.g., in connection with construction cases.

Because we know the properties well, we are well-equipped to fight for your interests, ensuring that the prerequisites are met to obtain optimal rent levels. 


  • We are a member of EjendomDanmark and contribute with practical knowledge to the trade association when new legislation is made

  • Our employees are continually trained regarding the latest legislation

It’s all about cooperation and adaptability

At CEJ, we are used to work with our clients’ Asset Management functions. We adapt to your set-up, so that everything is clear for everyone involved.

We always maintain good relations with our clients’ Asset Management functions.

Our experiences have shown that if we – from the outset – clarify the objectives, match our expectations and define our respective areas of responsibility, the foundation is laid for efficient cooperation and subsequent fulfilment of the task with optimal value creation.

We bring your green ambitions home

The area of sustainability is constantly evolving. This creates new demands to your property manager.

Sustainability is an integrated part of our business. You see it in our recommendations, choice of suppliers and materials. We are passionate about creating solutions that are sustainable, both in a green and financial perspective. Because we know that the two should always go hand in hand.

Effectively from vision to action

We see it as our most important task to bring your position on sustainability into action. CEJ’s Energy and Sustainability Department helps put your ambition into words and create a strategy that defines your sustainability profile for the years to come. Then we translate it into concrete focus areas and actions, so we are sure that it all both makes sense, that it is realistic and financially viable.


Let us start the dialogue today

If you are looking for a property manager establishing yourselves in Denmark, we might be worth a closer look.

At CEJ we have decades of experience establishing foreign real estate investors in Denmark. With stability and quality as the turning point we organise ourselves around your specific situation, needs and objectives. That is probably why foreign investors are a constantly increasing part of our business, servicing several clients from Sweden, Germany, UK and Switzerland.

Get an Energy and Environ­ment Screening right now

CEJ has developed a unique Energy and Environment screening, where we map the property’s condition and potential.

Our Energy and Environment screening is the best starting point for acting on your objectives in a controlled and safe process.


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