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CEJ takes over the management of Danica Properties’ commercial and residential properties


As of 1 October 2022, CEJ will manage one of the country’s largest pension companies and real estate investors, Danica Properties.

We are satisfied with winning the assignment and it is an important step for us to receive a large Danish institutional investor as a customer.

It is the result of the development of our strong and nationwide organization with an unique culture that attracts both customers and employees.

“Everything is rooted in CEJ’s values. We have a high level of employee loyalty, which is appreciated and just confirmed by our customers through a very positive customer satisfaction survey. It strengthens the self-confidence in the organization.” – says CEO of CEJ Anne Marie Oksen

Stability in a volatile market creates new jobs

In a market characterized by movements, we have strengthened our position, and with the acquisition of the management of Danica’s properties, CEJ is solidly represented within both associations, private and institutional investors.

“We are pleased with our development and the timing of this task suits us just fine. We have focused on creating a safe workplace in a stable company that is now ready to grow.”

Cooperation on a greener real estate market

“In addition to high quality, Danica focuses on sustainability, and this places great demands on us as a property manager. Our focus on sustainability through the establishment of CEJ’s Energy and Sustainability Department has been right, and we are pleased that Danica prefers a manager who also sets a direction in the green development.” – concludes Anne Marie Oksen

Facts: Danica Properties is among Denmark’s largest real estate investors with DKK 38 billion invested in approximately 110 residential and commercial properties, primarily in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

The portfolio CEJ will manage consists of approximately 2/3 commercial properties and 1/3 residential properties. Invests on behalf of Danica Pension’s 800,000 customers.

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