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Summer is coming – think sustainably 


Should you make room for biodiversity in your garden or balcony? Many plant and animal species are unfortunately endangered and showing a decline in numbers, but perhaps you can help do your part to reverse the trend.

If you want to help biodiversity on the way, here are three general pieces of advice:

  1. Provide food for the insects e.g. by planting flowering plants in which the insects can find food throughout the summer.
  2. Create wild corners where fungi, plants and animals, which you do not want in the trimmed part of the garden, have the opportunity to grow and live freely.
  3. Avoid using sprays, e.g. poison against unwanted plants or unwanted animals. If you still believe that extermination is needed, the use should be targeted precisely at what you want to remove, to burden the environment as little as possible.

You can read much more about what you can do on the Ministry of the Environment’s website.

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