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Anne Marie Oksen, CEJ

Switching is easy!

For some, changing property management company can seem overwhelming. We’ve made it easy with a dedi­cated team that never lets go of the controls during handover.

Choosing and switching to the right property management company should be simple. At CEJ, we have extensive experience with starting new collaborations. Our specialised team ensures that you, as a new client, get on board safely and securely.

Five great reasons to shift to CEJ

CEJ has been dedicated to property management since the 1950s. In us you get a passionate team of professional specialists working every day to raise the standards in an increasingly complex real estate market.

Professional real estate investors make up more than half of CEJ’s portfolio. Adapting to our clients’ needs and special requirements, the key account manager is a permanent and responsible point of reference who will quickly become an integral part of your team and way of thinking.

Sustainability is an integral part of CEJ. This is reflected clearly in our recommendations, choice of suppliers and materials. Our Energy and Sustainability department works proactively with sustainable solutions – also in an economic sense.

We believe that stability is a crucial factor in creating value for our clients. With unwavering leadership through more than 20 years, we have established a solid CEJ culture with extremely high customer satisfaction and probably the longest average employee tenure in the market.

Personal commitment makes a difference, and that is what you will experience when working with your dedicated team at CEJ. Involving specialists from finance, engineering, sustainability, and legal when relevant, we call it full-service property management.

Stability and security in collabora­tion

At CEJ, we navigate safely with a steady focus on staying up to date on recent developments so we can seize opportunities in an ever-changing real estate market.

We see ourselves as an active partner, making your business goals ours. We are specialists in rent regulations and complicated tenancy laws that frequently change – also when it comes to new demands to sustainability. We always carefully adapt to the latest legislation and have an in-depth knowledge of the properties. In this way, we can stay ahead with solid legal, technical, and financial advice.

CEJ er på forkant med juridisk, teknisk og økonomisk rådgivning.

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