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Housing cooperatives / Switching is easy

Med et dedikeret team har CEJ gjort det nemt at skifte administrator

Switching is easy!

For some, changing property management company can seem overwhelming. We’ve made it easy with a dedicated team that never lets go of the controls during handover.

Choosing and switching to the right property management company should be simple. At CEJ, we have extensive experience with starting new collaborations. Our specialised team ensures that you, as a new client, get on board safely and securely.

Three easy steps to a safe shift

Based on thorough needs discussions and assessment, CEJ will draw up the property management agreement. The agreement signed digitally by the board. Easy and effective.

CEJ’s onboarding team handles all the practical aspects of the shift. This will minimise your inconvenience and ensure all deadlines are met.

To ensure a successful collaboration, there will be a final check of mutual expectations at the start-up meeting with the board. Here, we will also introduce you to your dedicated property manager and agree on business procedures.

Get a dedicated property manager who knows your housing coopera­tive

At CEJ, you get a dedicated property manager who knows the cooperative and proactively follows through on tasks. With CEJ, all the necessary competencies are just a phone call away: legal, financial, practical – as well as specialists within energy and sustainability. We understand the culture and everyday life in a housing cooperative better than most.

CEJ tilbyder den fulde palet af administrationsydelser

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