How to get Denmark’s most professional property specialists

Simply cancel your current management agreement, we will handle the rest.

Contact us at +45 33 33 82 82 and get a non-binding offer.


We will contact your former manager and receive everything concerning your property.


You decide whether you want to convert PBS to CEJ.


We set up your property in our IT system, so we are immediately ready for collection and possible PBS conversion, from the date of acquisition.


You will receive a welcome letter for your approval. In the letter we gather information about their new contact and how they henceforth pay rent etc. Once you have approved the letter, we send it out to the residents.


We open your online access as soon as CEJ administration takes effect. Thus you have the full overview of the administration from the start.


Within six weeks thereafter, we receive the property documents and balanced accounting records, in order for us to enter the opening balance into the online system.


We have a meeting with the board / owner where we get signatures on power of attorney and agree on future procedures.


We check that all necessary subscriptions, etc. for the property's operations are in place.

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We can always be reached at tel. +45 33 33 82 82 or fill out the form and we will contact you promptly.