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CEJ scores high on customer satisfaction in all segments


After two years with the pandemic and unpredictability in the market, we can once again present an impressive result from our recently completed customer satisfaction survey, which testifies to the fact that your clients value a stable and proactive property manager company.


Every two years

Every two years, we ask our clients how they see the cooperation with CEJ. We do this with a questionnaire survey that we send to all customers – private associations and professional investors, including both Danish and foreign investors.

Result and Net Promoter Score

The survey shows that our clients prefer a property manager who knows the legislation, who can advise on large and small within technical services and legal issues. We have the experience, and the clients feel that. In addition to the qualitative answers, we use the ‘Net Promoter Score’ as a tool to benchmark customer satisfaction and loyalty. The score shows how willing customers are to recommend a business to others.










A rule of thumb says that a score of -100-0 is bad, 0-50 is good, and over 50 is excellent. Learn more about calculating the Net Promoter Score


Professionalism, individuality, and sustainability

One of the things that recurs in the answers is that personal contact and quick action are highly valued. In CEJ we have full-service management, which means that it is the dedicated property manager or key account manager who is the contact person and has control of all tasks on the property.

Many of the clients responds that they are happy with their dedicated property manager. With a permanent contact person, it is also easier to adapt to the customers’ unique situation, as we know the individual associations and properties to the core. 

Finally, we asked our clients what they think of CEJ as a partner in the green field. And there is a clear preponderance who believe that it is positive that we focus on sustainability and work with an ambitious climate strategy. You can read more about our sustainability services


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