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CEJ har tradition for at holde julefrokost for de hjemløse.

Cancelled Christmas party turned into hot dog stand for homeless people


At CEJ we have a rich tradition of having Christmas party on a Thursday in December. But when our Christmas party was cancelled short time before settlement because of the covid situation, we had to come up with an alternative solution. The cancellation meant that we had some surplus food including the evening’s night food – a hot dog stand, which we chose to donate to the Men’s Home in Valby.

“Although it’s sad that several months of preparation and a festive evening with the colleagues was cancelled overnight, we are pleased that we can give some others a good experience instead. People who are in need.”

– Julie, project and operations coordinator and member of the Party Committee of CEJ

The most important thing is the safety of our employees and customers, so the cancellation was appropriate. That we could even give a hot meal to a group of homeless people in December was a huge uplift on top of an otherwise sad announcement.

The Christmas party was organized by Food Studio, who also set up a beautiful summer party for us in August.

ValbyLIV has written an article about the decision, where you can also watch a photo series from the evening.

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