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Aesthetics and the environment can go hand in hand


At CEJ, we do everything we can to promote green initiatives and help our customers achieve their sustainable goals. However, we do also see a responsibility in preserving the cityscape and that the solutions we recommend are aesthetically correct.

Bricks with built-in solar cells
That is why we follow innovation and new technology closely, such as bricks with built-in solar cells, green roofs and other energy-saving solutions that integrate optimally into the environment.

In the Vinkelgården property on Tomsgårdsvej, for example, we have just installed bricks with built-in solar cells, and they have started to provide electricity and savings to the delight of the residents. The solar cells on Tomsgårdsvej potentially provide 48,000 kWh annually, which covers more than the joint consumption of electricity on the property. Therefore, it may be a good idea to get started with self-sufficiency. With both the environment, value creation and a healthy economy in mind.

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