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Making career in the real estate industry

Oliver Bo Andersen er erhvervsadministrator-trainee i CEJ.

As a growing percentage of the Danish workforce retires by 2030, it becomes increasingly important to attract skilled employees to the real estate industry. Danish Property Federation has launched a major recruitment campaign to highlight the educational and career opportunities offered by the industry. As part of the campaign, they have set up an ambassador’s […]

Cancelled Christmas party turned into hot dog stand for homeless people

CEJ har tradition for at holde julefrokost for de hjemløse.

At CEJ we have a rich tradition of having Christmas party on a Thursday in December. But when our Christmas party was cancelled short time before settlement because of the covid situation, we had to come up with an alternative solution. The cancellation meant that we had some surplus food including the evening’s night food […]

A new expression

CEJ får nyt look og website

From today, CEJ’s website looks very different. We have chosen to give the website the big overhaul, to make it clear what we stand for and what you as a current and future customer can expect in a collaboration with CEJ. Culture in focus Where most websites most of all talk about their products, we […]

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