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CEJ Property Management is among the biggest property management companies in Denmark.

We manage more than 950 properties in all of Danmark. We are big enough to manage even the most  complex and challenging administration tasks and small enough never to forget, that all clients are important no matter their size. At CEJ you are never just another client.

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We cover Denmark from our offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus

We have more than 65 years experience with property management

We are more than 130 property specialists

We manage more than 980 properties

We manage 21.000 leases

We have more than € 1,4 mill. in equity

We are 100% owned by a Danish fund

We have € 900 mill. in mortgages under management

We have properties worth more than € 4 billion under management

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We have clients and solutions in all sizes

At CEJ Property Management we take good care of your property regardless of the size and type. We tailor the administration solution, so it matches exactly your needs and your portfolio. From 360 degree solution to standalone services. The choice is yours and we advice you of course.

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